Our first beta version of fvr is available

Welcome to our blog. Version 0.8 of FastVideoRotate is compiled and ready to use, so try it and give us feedback how we can improve it!

Some ToDos are:

  • better icons for Windows
  • long filenames -> Bug ( thanks Harald !)
  • overwrite existing files; own prefix / application-settings
  • own encoding parameter string for ffmpeg
  • reencoded .mts videos have low quality
  • sign Windows Setup.exe and MacOSX .dmg
  • delete last file -> Bug
  • only remove meta-data from video (thanks Ursula!)
  • rotate parts of video files

Technical background

FastVideoRotate is an QT/C++ application and basically a grafical frontend for the simple use of ffmpeg. We provide the source-code on request and will possibly make a GitHub repository if you want so.

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